Kyanjin Re

Kyanjin Re is a small mountain (around 5000 meters) that overlooks the Kyanjin valley. At the time, it was completely snowless and climbing it was similar to climbing hills like Phulchoki or Shivapuri in Kathmandu valley – only the air was completely chilling and we were sort of gasping for oxygen. Luckily, none of us were that prone to altitude sickness and we made it quite easily.

There’s a small chorten on the top, which makes one wonder, why would Buddhist people take this trouble of building chorten all the way up here. It must be like building a pyramid (not really), but it’s a hell of a task.

[Chorten is a small temple like structure, made of varying shapes and sizes of stones. When a Buddhist head monk dies, he’s body is chopped into 108 pieces, and then carried all the way up to top of rocks, hills or mountains like this. After some rituals and mantras, they lay the pieces and call for eagles to eat them. Then they raise a chorten and decorate it with prayer flags to honor the monk.]


Kyanjin Gumba 2

I don’t have words to describe the magical beauty of this place, or rather to describe the feeling in words when we reached this place, Kyanjin Gumba. It was all worthed, the walk for almost 4 days from Syafru Besi (to Lama Hotel to Langtang village to Kyanjin Gumba). The weather couldn’t be more perfect than this and the people there were so charming up there.